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Review Process

As a group of international investors we are often inundated with floods of property brokers wanting to go above and beyond to secure our business. They all promise the world, however we must consider these are all fantastic sales people. Constantly having to do our due-diligence on every broker, developer and management agency can be a full time job. Taking all the information learnt over the years and digging deep into every company, as far as ringing them up and talking to them to find out how much they really know we review as many as we can in depth. Much information about such companies can be found through forums, comapny listing pages, social media etc… we are simply putting all this information in one place. We also welcome outside reviews on anyone who has dealings with any property broker.

Quality Of Service

Quality of servie is based on everything form telephone manner, website usability, ongoing customer care and whatever knowledge we can mine from forums and social media posts.


We often look deep into complaints, spam and past projects to see what companies have done over the years to get a feel for who the brokers deal with.  Complaints can often be found through social media posts, property forums and official anti-scam sites. This is probably one of the most important areas to consider when looking for a long term property portfolio manager.

Product Range

If you have experience with property brokers it is clear that some companies offer very few products whereas others might offer you many options. It could be the case that if a broker offers only a few products then they may be biased towards them, however it may also be the case that they are geuinely the best products available and are just trying to offer only the best. For some it may not matter as you may know where and what you want to invest in, but for some of us we want to know every investment option national or international, student, residential, commercial or whatever it may be.

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